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Nathan Peterson

Nathan Peterson is a licensed therapist who owns a private practice in Texas. He is the creator of the self-directed OCD course. Nathan has extensive experience working with OCD and anxiety. He has helped hundreds of individuals over the past 8+ years. He is dedicated in spreading OCD awareness and treatment to anyone in need.

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The self-directed OCD program is something I wish I would have done right when I was diagnosed with OCD. It has all the information that it took me years to learn on my own. The program is a great resource for anyone who isn’t able to access an OCD therapist due to location or cost. The resources are in the program to help anyone manage their OCD.


​Honestly, the OCD course is exactly what I was looking for. With the lack of specialists in my area I am happy I found this and purchased the course. The videos are very engaging and the worksheets takes you through what you need to know about your own OCD. It also educates you on creating your own exposures. Highly recommended for anyone who needs help with their OCD and anxiety.


I loved the videos. It was very easy to follow. I really enjoyed using the daily journal and worksheets to track my progress. One thing to know is that this isn't a quick easy fix. You actually need to put work in to see results.


Bought this for my child to use as he's been struggling with OCD. It's amazing to see rays of hope as he's been using this program.


Super simple concepts to learn. Tough to implement, but worth the fight. I am seeing my HOCD symptoms reduce so I am happy about that.

Self Directed Course For OCD

The OCD course is designed to teach you the evidenced based treatment for your OCD. It can work for all OCD subtypes. You'll go through understanding your own OCD and how to do effective treatment for it. This structured course has videos, worksheets and assignments to complete.

  • HOCD/SOOCD (Homosexual OCD/Sexual Orientation OCD)

  • ROCD (Relationship OCD)

  • Scrupulosity (Religious obsessions)

  • False Memory OCD

  • Real Event OCD

  • Contamination OCD

  • POCD (Pedophile OCD)

  • Harm OCD

  • Symmetry OCD

  • General OCD themes

  • Video

    With over 3 hours of engaging videos, you're sure to stay on track with understanding your OCD better, learning treatment strategies, and maintaining your progress. --- Videos can be watched as many times as you like.

  • Worksheets

    This course provides worksheets that will take you through how to be successful in your journey and treatment for your OCD. --- Seriously, individuals pay hundreds of dollars to have and know this information.

  • Community

    Once you join the course, you'll be invited to be a part of an exclusive Facebook group. Individuals here are going through the same course and are eager to help one another.

OCD Course

See What Inside The Course

  • 1


    • What You Need To Know!

  • 5

    #4 - Does My Topic or Fear Matter?

    • Does My Topic or Fear Matter (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 6

    #5 - Common OCD Themes

    • Common OCD Themes (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 7

    #6 - Medications For OCD

    • Medications For OCD (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 8

    #7 - Reassurance and Accomodation

    • Reassurance and Accommodation (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Reassurance and Accommodation Worksheet (Download)

  • 9

    #8 - Separate Yourself From OCD

    • Separate Yourself From OCD (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 10

    #9 - Understanding The OCD Cycle

    • Understanding The OCD Cycle (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • OCD Cycle (Download)

  • 11

    #10 - Biggest Lies Of OCD

    • Biggest Lies Of OCD (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Biggest Lies of OCD Worksheet (Download)

  • 12


    • Exposure and Response Prevention

  • 13

    #11 - Building Your Foundation

    • Building Your Foundation (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Building Your Foundation Worksheet (Download)

  • 15

    #13 - How To Start - Awareness Training

    • How To Start - Awareness Training (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Awareness Training Worksheet (Download)

  • 16

    #14 - Three Types of Exposures

    • Three Types of Exposures (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Script Exposure Worksheet (Download)

  • 17

    #15 - How To Choose Your Exposures

    • How To Choose Your Exposures (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 18

    #16 - How To Build A Hierarchy

    • How To Build A Hierarchy (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Hierarchy Worksheet (Download)

  • 19

    #17 - How To Respond During Exposures

    • How To Respond During Exposures (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 20

    #18 - How To Do An Exposure

    • How To Do An Exposure (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Track Your Exposures Worksheet (Download)

  • 21

    #19 - After Your First Exposure

    • After Your First Exposure (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Weekly Exposure Planner (Download)

  • 22

    #20 - How Do I Know If Exposures Are Working?

    • How Do I Know If Exposures Are Working? (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • My Success Toolkit Worksheet (Download)

  • 23


    • Maintaining Progress

  • 24

    #21 - Living A Lifestyle Of Exposure

    • Living A Lifestyle Of Exposure (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • Weekly Calendar Worksheet (Download)

  • 25

    #22 - What If Other Themes Start Creeping In?

    • What If Other Themes Start Creeping In? (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 26

    #23 - How Family Can Help You

    • How Family Can Help You (Video)

    • Journal Questions

    • How Family Can Help Cheatsheet (Download)

  • 27

    #24 - How To Maintain Your Progress

    • How To Maintain Your Progress (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 28

    #25 - Groups and Social Media

    • Groups and Social Media (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 29

    #26 - What Now? The End?

    • What Now? The End? (Video)

    • Journal Questions

  • 30


    • False Memory OCD (Video)

    • Homosexual OCD - Sexual Orientation OCD (Video)

    • Pedophile OCD (POCD) (Video)

    • Scrupulosity (Video)

    • Just Right OCD (Video)

    • Superstitious OCD (Video)

    • Symmetry OCD (Video)

    • Perfectionism OCD (Video)

    • Relationship OCD (ROCD) (Video)

    • Harm OCD (Video)

    • Real Event OCD (Video)

    • Suicidal OCD (Video)

    • Sensorimotor OCD (Video)

    • Responsibility OCD (Video)

    • Existential OCD (Video)